YeeTing Wong at studio in Denmark

YeeTing Wong
Kota Kinabalu, state capital of Sabah, Malaysia.

International Accredited Aesthetician CIBTAC, IPTL, CONFED
COSMOPROF, Singapore
Professional Film & TV Make-Up Artist, Esthetician 1988-1991

Studied Graphic & Illustrative Art at The One Academy Malaysia 1992
Established Art Tutor for Adults and Students since 1993


          Gallery Owner ART BASE GALLERY             in Centre Point Kota Kinabalu Malaysia 2005-2009
Consignment for D'Portrait, 1 Borneo Hypermall 2007-2009

Yearly Creative Demo Workshop in Kota Kinabalu, & Denmark

Presently Full-time Artist
Art Work Commission for Local & International Clients Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, USA, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, France, Japan, Brunei, Germany, New Zealand

Participated in various group and solo exhibitions in Europe & Malaysia


I Paint, Therefore I Am

It is an on-going process, even after the paint dries. I want to understand the deeper meaning of my own painting. - ‘Change is the only constant’ , the law of the universe that frees me from my preconception about an art work. This way the painting is revived each time it’s reviewed or analyzed..When designing a painting, in all its creative aspects, there’s a concept I hold on to, that art is not to render the visible , but to make visible. Seeking to rendering the invisible, with an idealistic consciousness, I regard my art as Romanticism - not lacking a sense of humor when I create them. Balancing the imaginative segments which derived from dreams, poetry or wishes..To include and indicate the basic forms is my strife to communicate with the viewer.
Nature, people and things revolving in my daily life remain the continual resources and powerful stimulus for the creative energy to transpire my art using any medium I get my hands on.*Oil paint, ink, acrylic, pastel, paper cutting, coffee, fabric, glitter dust & more... these are just tools for me to find my way into the magical realm of art.  Inspirations from artistic and spiritual individuals, masterpieces of the ancient world from different cultures, philosophy, poetry, music & dance provide endless resources of positive energy and aspirations.When I paint & create artistically, I feel like a part of the humanistic development , thus there’s a concept about focusing & expressing the good and positive. Being aware that I can contribute to the positive side of our universe, my painting is a spiritual journey that I can share.*Rhythm is the key. Each art piece has a room of it’s own, the only connection I can give is the key to the rooms. When the lines are drawn, dots spattered, colors blended, brush stroking the canvas, there's an inner percussion & tinkling ; it’s the beating of my heart, the flow of my thoughts. The rhythm of nature, impenetrable trees in the rainforest grown into a sea of green, the stream as it flows , the clouds rolling in the ever-changing sky.A city, a village, or a festival. People on the beach, my cats sun-bathing in their garden, aroma of Tenom coffee filling up the room, birds chirping at dawn on the mango tree in the backyard

my bread rising in the oven, 200*C!

Forever seeking ways to express all Life elements I perceive as wonderful, I want to reach out and within; believing that my art gain a new life whenever a viewer feel blissful looking at it.

Thank you for reading